Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Correct Bra Size

A bra can be a woman's best friend or her worst enemy. It is the difference between the perky round shape that we all want and a not so flattering one. Over time, the bras and lingerie that you wear will eventually mold your breasts so it is important to take a few extra steps to ensure you choose the right bra size for you.

The best bra is the one that fits right.

Surprisingly many women choose the wrong size bras and as time passes find they are unhappy with the way their breast appear or are shaped. Ill-fitting bras will eventually lead to an ill-shaped figure or sagging breasts. The wrong bra could even lead to a host of other problems like back pain, muscle tension in your shoulders and even posture trouble. Milana Fashion Gallery wants to help you avoid these negative affects and help find your proper bra size. Our step by step guide, How To Find Your Bra Size, will help you avoid making the mistake that many women make when it comes to choosing the right bra size.

When to Measure for Bra Size

It is a great idea to check your bra size periodically. Many women experience weight fluctuations and this can definitely cause changes in your bra size. Other signs that you may need to double check your size are spillage over bra cups, tight straps or tight bra band, a gap between your bra cups, and pain or discomfort in your back that is relieved when you remove your bra. All of these are signs that you are probably wearing the wrong bra size.

Bras which will fit you beautifully:

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