Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on the Fall and Winter Outerwear Sale!

We are planning to extend the Fall and Winter Outerwear Sale for a few more weeks! Stay tuned for more details soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Item Alert: Luxury Fur Leggings

We know some people aren’t into it, but the reality is that fur is going to be everywhere this fall and winter.

Be a snow bunny on the ski hill or simply stay warm in our Genuine Rabbit Fur leg warmers.

Transform last year's winter boots from old news into one look is the hottest right now.

So many ladies are wearing fur covers or luxurious leg warmers like our to make their non-fur boots – or even their sandals or random high heels – look like fur boots.

When only the very best will do, discover the warmth and comfort of wearing quality genuine fur leg warmers from Milana Fashion Gallery.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall and Winter Outerwear Sale Now through October 31

Save 10-35% now with Milana Fashion Gallery's Fall and Winter outerwear sale! Fabulous fashion finds include trench coats, capes and ponchos, leather jackets, wool coats, and genuine fur items. Revamp your wardrobe today starting at $99! Sizes XSmall - 6X Large!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who is the Most Fashionable Dictator?

While checking out Foreign Policy magazine online, (yes I am a well-rounded reader!), I was surprised to come across this article The Devil Wears Taupe. An amazing tongue in cheek article about personal style of the world's dictators. Although it is partially to poke fun, it seems like a great illustration of how one's personal style can come across to others.

Most of the guys are pretty consistent in their look. Outside of the miltary fashions, I don't know if any of these looks really scream, "I am a dictator". Well, except for Mugabe's modern Hitleresque mustache; it may not be trend setting but it is innovative.

My top pick for the strongest style personality is Omar Qadaffi with Kim Jong Il as a strong second. I don't think anyone can fully duplicate the looks of either of these guys. They own their swag!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Tips on Caring for Your Lovelies

Finding the perfect bra or the lingerie that you absolutely love can be a fun but sometimes daunting challenge. Once you do find that sacred item, the worst crime you can commit is treating it with anything less than the distinction it deserves by putting it in the washing machine with your common garments.

TIP #1: Handwashing
Your goal with caring for intimate items is to keep them in a beautiful state as long as possible. One of the keys to keeping your pretties pretty is right at your fingertips. Soak your delicates, and especially your bras, in a bath of cold water with a gentle detergent or soap. Then hand wash them by rubbing them gently with your fingertips.

TIP #2: Read Care Instructions
This seems like common sense but how many of us actually do it? Always read the care instructions for your lingerie and intimates. No matter what, some items are simply not made to be placed in the washer. This is especially true for silks, lace, and hosiery items which are extra delicate and may snag easily.

TIP #3: Lingerie Bag
If you are a Lazy Lucy and you must use the washer, invest in an inexpensive lingerie bag or even use a pillow case to put your lovelies in. Don't forget to clasp all hooks and eyes to prevent tangling and snagging. The lingerie bag also helps prevent stretching and twisting of your bra and underwires. Wash them on the delicate cycle with a gentle detergent.

TIP #4: Never Use the Dryer
No matter what, don't put your bras and other intimates in the dryer! Dryers can heat up to 200 degree Fahrenheit which is hot enough to break down silk, lycra, spandex and elastic in your lingerie. Instead air dry them on a rack, clothesline or even a hanger. This helps avoid deterioration and prolongs the life of your items.

TIP #5: No Wringing

Hand wringing, can cause wrinkles and creases which may be difficult to get out. Wringing also stretches fabrics and twists clasps and underwires. It is better to gently press the garment between two clean, dry towels to remove the excess water and then place the garment for air drying.

Intimate wear caresses your skin with femininity and elegance during your every moment. Intimates bring confident elegance to your day by pampering and supporting you in your most delicate and sensual places. Apply a delicate hand when caring for the items which are so intimately intertwined with your femininity.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Palette for Fall 2010

In case you weren’t aware the PANTONE Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010 reveals the beautiful palette of Fall colors for this year. You may be surprised to find a bright variation of hues which may not be the traditional autumn blend.


This year’s star is Lagoon – a tropical turquoise splash. Designers see this as a popular hue and suggest pairing it with any shade of red.


Lipstick Red, a deeper, more dramatic sensual red, makes its imprint on fall, particularly in cosmetics.


My personal favorite is Exotic Purple Orchid. It is described as a purple leaning to fuchsia, is an unexpected choice for fall, imbuing a bit of magic and vibrancy to the season.


It is perfectly paired with Elegant Chocolate Truffle, a rich brown with piquant plum undertones.


Woodbine takes last season's neutral greens to a whole new level, and when mixed with Purple Orchid and Chocolate Truffle, results in a stunning combination.


Golden Glow, an earthy, deepened shade of yellow, creates a retro look with Purple Orchid or Woodbine.


A softer, more inviting orange with a hint of pink undertone, Living Coral is the perfect complement to Lagoon.


Crisp Endive, a revitalizing yellow-green, adds freshness to this season's top ten, and will enliven any wardrobe.


Oyster Gray, a classic neutral that grounds the palette, is a lighter take on the traditional fall gray.


Rose Dust, a flattering beige, offers an ethereal, romantic, wispy option to span the seasons.

Excerpts from: PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Defining Your Personal Style

If you find yourself envying the girl who has her own flair or wondering if you even have style, here is an intelligent discussion about how to dig deep and create your own ‘look’.


Personal style goes beyond just wearing the latest trends, donning the newest designer, or sporting the most recent celebrity hair cut. It is something that we see right away when we look at someone. The 'look' of a stylish ensemble makes a statement and reflects something about the wearer and their personality.


It may seem easy to simply garner a style from someone else such as your favorite diva or fashion icon. But true style is really about individuality. Your individual style should be as unique as you are bringing together elements of your personality, your creativity, and your personal vision of yourself.

Style has nothing to do with trying hard by wearing outfits that are outlandish or theatrical, totally chic or overly glam. Your style should come naturally and be based on the framework that is your personal fashion values + your concept of yourself.


Just as we are all born with a personality we are all born with a potential style. Some people are born with an innate sense of themselves, and tap into that when selecting their and fashion choices. Many are greatly lacking this innate sense and struggle with expressing themselves through their wardrobe, while still others already have their own style without even realizing it.

In order to tap into that self expression, get to know yourself better. What are the characteristics that distinguish you from others? How are you reflecting yourself to the world? What is the inner you like? Be introspective.

Once you figure this out, get to know the ideal you and how you want to be viewed by the world. Develop the ideal vision of yourself by asking what does the ideal you look like? What are her preferences? How does she present herself? Your personal style is a reflection of both the real you and the ideal you. Bring these visions of your ultimate self to life.


To bring your personal style to life make a list of the colors, textures, and fashion features that best fit with your identity. Find pictures of items you would like in your ideal wardrobe and even designers that share a similar vision. Search in shops, online, and fashion mags to find the items that complement you.

One way to figure out where you are and where you need to go is to take inventory. Go through your closet to determine how many of your items really reflect your ideal. Try to rid yourself of the items which don’t and replace them with the those that are a true reflection of your vision. Eventually, as you become more focused you will refine it even further - your style will become as unique as the vision you have of yourself.


As you become more familiar with yourself, your style will become more pronounced. Think of it as ever evolving; your personalities grow and your tastes may change; your style will also reflect that growth. You will probably become more bold in adding new statements to define your personal style. Each statement, each piece in your wardrobe, is one component of your entire vision.

Remember, a personal style has to be found and cannot be forced, it must be created. Copying someone else simply results in you having someone else’s style, not one that is all your own.

Contributed by Sonceree Nada

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shapewear: Bra or no Bra?

One problem area that I noticed when wearing shapewear in the past was the brassiere region. Some of the products I had used to target certain problem areas, had built in bras that just did not provide solid support upstairs. Not to mention, wearing a bra with these items just added bulk or discomfort to my overall ensemble.

That problem has recently been addressed with newer braless designs that have an open brassiere region and longer straps. You can give your girls all the support you want by wearing any bra you choose and add your favorite shaper to target other body regions.

pic1 am2

Elegant Underbust Shaper Lipo Slimming Shaper

Another great new shaper innovation is the completely strapless style. Many of these offer great support upstairs while allowing you to enhance your figure when wearing sleeveless/shoulderless dresses and tops.

jf017 Strapless Dress Shaper

Shapewear has come a long way in terms of not only being flattering, but comfortable and convenient all in one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sizing at Milana Fashion Gallery XS-3X

Milana Fashion Gallery carries apparel and outerwear in a wide range of sizes from XS-3X. (We are also excited be adding a new line of apparel and outerwear items which will include all sizes from XS-6X. These items will be added in the shop over the course of the next several weeks.)

We have received a few questions about the sizing of our products and how shoppers can locate their sized garments in the Milana Fashion Gallery online shop.

We have all had the experience of trying on ‘our size’ from different designers and found it fit just right, was too large or too small. Remember, we feature items from many different manufacturers so it is the best idea to check the measurements against your own curves to find the best fit for you.

To make your sizing experience easier we include a size chart for each and every garment. However, over the next few weeks we will be revamping our shopping menu to reflect the differences in sizes for our products. For example, some of our shapewear items are sized for women with smaller and petite frames, while others are sized for more voluptuous women. We will create two categories for shapewear, one for sizes XS-L or XL, and one for sizes XL-3X.

We are sure this will make your shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable :)

Please drop us a line about your shopping experience at Milana Fashion Gallery. We are happy to hear your comments and suggestions, and answer any questions you have!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall 2010: Handbag Trends

Trends for 2010 can be found in both the high end designer bags and trendy yet dollar conscious set. Let's talk about some of the definite trends that have popped up this year and that we'll see heading into the fall and winter.


OUT: Tattoo prints, florescent colors.

IN: Earthy tones; ethnic prints; gem tones: Amythest, Peridot, Emerald, Ruby; pastels; muted metallics; golds and yellows; animal prints.


OUT: Patent and high shine leathers; we will still see some of these but they seem to be a bit more conservative than previous seasons with softer or no embellishments and a little less shine.

IN: Multi pockets inside, discreet pockets outside, multi style Bags, oversized, artistic, drawstrings.

Design Elements

OUT: Heavy Chains, heavy zippers, heavy hardware, lol

IN: Soft embellishments, fringe, embroidery, ruching, pleats, braiding, combinations of leather and fur, leather woven chain (small), fur, feathers.


OUT: Logo prints are not as prevalent as they have been

IN: Woven fabrics, you can never go wrong with suedes in fall, exotic styles, fringe and embroidery, animal textures, exotic designs


IN: Of course your handbag choice showcases your own taste and unique flair. Stylishly going against trends is always in season. What better way to inspire and express yourself?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Benefits of the Cross Body Bag

For those of us who love cross body bags, they are definitely back ‘in’ this year. You should have no trouble finding a stylish body hugging bag.

The great thing about the cross body style is that it really frees up your hands. Voila! More freedom of movement. For those of us who don’t know the benefits of this great design here are just a few eye openers!

Security: It would be impossible for anyone to snatch your purse :)

Hands free: Do things like shop, text, talk on the phone, brush your hair, apply makeup FINALLY without having to hold a purse strap in your hand, weigh down your wrist with your heavy bag, or hold your purse between your knees, lol.

No Worries: Never again put your handbag in the grocery store cart and mistakenly walk away or turn your back on it!

Minimize: These bags are usually large enough to hold everything. You won’t have to carry your book bag and planner separately from your purse.

Perfect Carry-on: Just think about when you are traveling with two rolling suitcases, the last thing you want is your purse sliding down your arm and dragging along, or worse yet getting tangled in your legs. The cross body bag once again comes to the rescue by staying put and annoyance free.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Featured Product of the Week: Deportiva Waist Cincher

You may have noticed shapewear has a made a fierce comeback in the form of new and contemporary styles such as this cupless waist cincher

Unlike throwback versions, you won't have to break a rib to wear the 'new' shapewear and receive its flattering benefits.

For those of us who may have a more shapely abdomen the Deportiva Waist cincher provides immediate gratification in the form of a slimmer, firmer abdomen under our favourite clothing.

This shaper provides a smoother silhouette and comfortably shapes the body; no worries, it allows you to breathe and move with ease!

Another added benefit of this cincher is that it helps accelerate weight loss. Between the compression effect and the sauna effect of the latex design, you can reduce your waist line and abdomen size. Wear it while exercising or during a day at the office not only for weight loss but added support for correcting your posture!

Don't forget we have other elegant and practical shapewear designs you can't dress without at Milana Fashion Gallery!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Shoulders: A Dead Revival?

If you were born early enough you definitely remember women’s distinctive styles in the 80s.

Big shoulders from the 80s, one of the hallmark trends of the time, were quite distinctive and are etched into the collective cultural memory. For some it was quite shocking when designers decided to resurrect this style in 2009.

From the perspective of couture, revival of the big shoulder may be sooooo 2009, however mass fashion begs to differ. Due to the trickle down effect, Spring and Summer of 2010 hit the mass consumer of fashion hard contemporary and wearable ‘big shoulder’ styles.

Most were not the huge shoulders from the 80s but simply tamer more contemporary cousins. We have seen trends including rounded shoulders, squared shoulders, ruched shoulders, and military-inspired styles.

For the Spring most of the ‘new shoulders’ were paired with blazers and dresses.

Heading into the Fall, look for fall and winter coats that have military styled detailing including shoulder straps, epaulets and ruched detailing.

'Sofia' Wool Military Jacket
Milana Fashion Gallery

Ladies' Big Shoulder Bomber Jacket
Milana Fashion Gallery

Alicia Keys featured the ruched shoulder look in her video for "Un-Thinkable". This style is a softer more feminine take on the ‘big shoulder ‘. The ruching creates a softer puffy shoulder in contrast to more defined rounded or a squared shoulders.

In fact ruching is everywhere and flattering for most so this is a great fashion choice.

Ruched Bomber Jacket
$105.00 On Sale $95.50!
Milana Fashion Gallery

We also see a definite homage to the 80s shoulder in Monica’s video “Love Over Me”. This is a pointed style is a definite contrast to the softer ruched shoulder, but it has been played down by adding a feminine bow near the shoulder.

Remember, it can be easy to overdo the big shouldered look. When wearing big shoulders DON’T pair them with big hair or big jewelry – this would definitely be a fashion faux pas. To keep this look modern think of the ‘big shoulders’ as your emphasis accessory – they are the center of attention so pair them with simple hair, light jewelry, and natural makeup. Keeping it simple, you can’t go wrong.

For those of you interested in rocking this look, now is your chance! Based on ‘fashion week’ for Fall 2010, 80s revivalism is over. Goodbye skinny jeans, double denim, .and big shoulders. Next year’s trickle down will take you in a completely new direction.

If you already have broad/big shoulders, you may not necessarily go want to increase them with more padding. Instead you can opt for a simple shoulder strap or shoulder detailing.

All images that appear on the site are copyright their respective owners and Milana Fashion Gallery claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed

Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Find Your Bra Size

Worn correctly and in the right size a bra will provide your girls with excellent support and the shape you love. See our upcoming article titled I Know How To Wear a Bra! for tips on correcting those little mistakes you may be making with your bra.

Your bra size includes your band size and your bust size. This may seem simple but some of us just are not buying the correct bras for our body.

We can take a few easy measurements and do some simple math, and then you will be ready to buy that new bra. Measuring yourself accurately may be challenging so try to get some help if you can.

Band Size

The first measurement you need is your band size. Take this measurement while wearing an un-padded bra or without a bra.

Place the tape measure around your back at band level and bring it to the front just below your breasts. This should be a somewhat snug measurement around your rib cage and under your bust and shoulder blades.

Since bras come in even sizes need to add 1 inch to your measurement if it is odd. This will be the measurement for your final bra size.

Bust Size

To find your bust size, measure your torso at the fullest part of your breasts. The tape measure should not be snug like in the Band Measurement. It should be loose enough for natural breathing and movement.

You can take this measurement while wearing a non-padded bra or without any bra.

Cup Size

Your cup size can be found by determining the difference between the bust size and the band size. Each unit in difference equals one cup size.

For example if your bust size is 43" and your band size is 40":

43" - 40" = 3"

Final Step: Calculate Your Bra Size

Next we will use a chart to determine your cup size. Locate the difference in inches in the chart below and that is your cup size. In our example the difference was 3" which would equate to a C cup.

So our final bra size in this example is 40C.







Cup Size






After completing this short measurement you may find out that you have been wearing the wrong bra size. Purchasing a bra in your new found size is a great idea. I am certain that you will notice a significant change in fit, comfort and flattery!