Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall 2010: Handbag Trends

Trends for 2010 can be found in both the high end designer bags and trendy yet dollar conscious set. Let's talk about some of the definite trends that have popped up this year and that we'll see heading into the fall and winter.


OUT: Tattoo prints, florescent colors.

IN: Earthy tones; ethnic prints; gem tones: Amythest, Peridot, Emerald, Ruby; pastels; muted metallics; golds and yellows; animal prints.


OUT: Patent and high shine leathers; we will still see some of these but they seem to be a bit more conservative than previous seasons with softer or no embellishments and a little less shine.

IN: Multi pockets inside, discreet pockets outside, multi style Bags, oversized, artistic, drawstrings.

Design Elements

OUT: Heavy Chains, heavy zippers, heavy hardware, lol

IN: Soft embellishments, fringe, embroidery, ruching, pleats, braiding, combinations of leather and fur, leather woven chain (small), fur, feathers.


OUT: Logo prints are not as prevalent as they have been

IN: Woven fabrics, you can never go wrong with suedes in fall, exotic styles, fringe and embroidery, animal textures, exotic designs


IN: Of course your handbag choice showcases your own taste and unique flair. Stylishly going against trends is always in season. What better way to inspire and express yourself?

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