Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Featured Product of the Week: Deportiva Waist Cincher

You may have noticed shapewear has a made a fierce comeback in the form of new and contemporary styles such as this cupless waist cincher

Unlike throwback versions, you won't have to break a rib to wear the 'new' shapewear and receive its flattering benefits.

For those of us who may have a more shapely abdomen the Deportiva Waist cincher provides immediate gratification in the form of a slimmer, firmer abdomen under our favourite clothing.

This shaper provides a smoother silhouette and comfortably shapes the body; no worries, it allows you to breathe and move with ease!

Another added benefit of this cincher is that it helps accelerate weight loss. Between the compression effect and the sauna effect of the latex design, you can reduce your waist line and abdomen size. Wear it while exercising or during a day at the office not only for weight loss but added support for correcting your posture!

Don't forget we have other elegant and practical shapewear designs you can't dress without at Milana Fashion Gallery!

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  1. lovely colours x