Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Tips on Caring for Your Lovelies

Finding the perfect bra or the lingerie that you absolutely love can be a fun but sometimes daunting challenge. Once you do find that sacred item, the worst crime you can commit is treating it with anything less than the distinction it deserves by putting it in the washing machine with your common garments.

TIP #1: Handwashing
Your goal with caring for intimate items is to keep them in a beautiful state as long as possible. One of the keys to keeping your pretties pretty is right at your fingertips. Soak your delicates, and especially your bras, in a bath of cold water with a gentle detergent or soap. Then hand wash them by rubbing them gently with your fingertips.

TIP #2: Read Care Instructions
This seems like common sense but how many of us actually do it? Always read the care instructions for your lingerie and intimates. No matter what, some items are simply not made to be placed in the washer. This is especially true for silks, lace, and hosiery items which are extra delicate and may snag easily.

TIP #3: Lingerie Bag
If you are a Lazy Lucy and you must use the washer, invest in an inexpensive lingerie bag or even use a pillow case to put your lovelies in. Don't forget to clasp all hooks and eyes to prevent tangling and snagging. The lingerie bag also helps prevent stretching and twisting of your bra and underwires. Wash them on the delicate cycle with a gentle detergent.

TIP #4: Never Use the Dryer
No matter what, don't put your bras and other intimates in the dryer! Dryers can heat up to 200 degree Fahrenheit which is hot enough to break down silk, lycra, spandex and elastic in your lingerie. Instead air dry them on a rack, clothesline or even a hanger. This helps avoid deterioration and prolongs the life of your items.

TIP #5: No Wringing

Hand wringing, can cause wrinkles and creases which may be difficult to get out. Wringing also stretches fabrics and twists clasps and underwires. It is better to gently press the garment between two clean, dry towels to remove the excess water and then place the garment for air drying.

Intimate wear caresses your skin with femininity and elegance during your every moment. Intimates bring confident elegance to your day by pampering and supporting you in your most delicate and sensual places. Apply a delicate hand when caring for the items which are so intimately intertwined with your femininity.

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